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Introduction / Definition


The basic objective of an MFBCS' unique transformation is to reduce body fat to a bare minimum level while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass and/or strength in a relatively short period of time. In other words, an MFBCS' unique transformation will be a comprehensive and total programme which will allow you to achieve your leanest possible physique. Using a transformation you literally and radically transform yourself from one point to another.


This is a very serious and advanced programme for very serious clients only. This is a programme for men and women looking to get in the best shape of their life within a relatively short period of time. If you want to undo and erase years of wrong habits and wrong practices within a relatively short period, this is for you. Plus, this is the programme for you if you want to go from “Mr./Ms. Before to Mr./Ms. After.”

As a result and given that you will follow this programme exactly as instructed, you can expect a drastic change in your appearance within only 3 or 4 months. What’s more, provided you follow MFBCS’ advice to the letter (with no cheating), YOU may NOT recognize the “new” you, let alone your family and friends. You may expect such a drastic change and you will be pretty amazed at how much you have improved within just a couple of months. A transformation is what you need if you want to go from soft, chubby and fat etc. to toned, defined, cut, ripped, shredded, sliced and diced etc. with a possible six-pack within just a couple of months.


On the contrary, if you cheat yourself or don’t commit yourself 100%, you will be wondering where you went wrong and will end up with some and maybe good, but definitely not great and maximum results.

Even though beginners can follow this programme, it is better recommended for advanced trainees especially and those with a lot of discipline and determination. This is NOT a shortcut but a bodybuilding contest preparation type transformation programme which will include very severe and serious dieting and training coupled with supplementation (optional).


This programme is not easy by any means and only the most-determined will get the full benefits. You will be guided step by step by MFBCS and will be monitored throughout the 3 / 4 month period and given the necessary instructions along the way to ensure you reap the full benefits. Individual and regular monitoring and changes and manipulations to the programme will ensure continuous results throughout the time period. This programme allows MFBCS to see exactly how your body responds to training and diet and make adjustments to ensure proper and continuous response for optimal results.

It is also noteworthy to mention that NO additional charges will be charged for these continuous monitoring and consequent changes to the programme right throughout the 3 / 4 month time frame.


Obviously the programme will be tailor-made to individual clients to accommodate their individual experience and capabilities. Therefore, one needs NOT fear that they need to have their fitness level at a certain point to follow this programme. You definitely DON’T require a certain level of strength, stamina or experience etc. All the client needs is some serious will power, determination and motivation etc.

Moreover, a transformation is definitely NOT only for the heavily over-weight but anyone with moderate fat levels even who want to get sliced, diced and ultra ripped.

Furthermore, this will be one of the best fitness investments you will ever make in your life. Period.


1) 3-Month Transformations

2) 4-Month Transformations


Mini Transformations

Basically, the same ground realities and principles that apply to transformations apply to mini transformations.

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