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Working with MFBCS

Please read the following Terms & Conditions very carefully. If you would like to contact and work with us, kindly do so ONLY IF YOU AGREE to the following.

Section A

Muscle Freak Bodybuilding Consultancy Services (Hereinafter referred to as “MFBCS”) is an Exclusive and Underground Bodybuilding / Fitness Consultancy Service dedicated to serious and devoted bodybuilders, athletes and people only. In order to keep our culture focused and strong, we are very selective about who is allowed to enlist our services.

If you feel that you possess the attitude and character to succeed and are willing to work hard, then we invite you to contact us regarding your serious bodybuilding / fitness goals.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you have no intention or means to commit to your training 100%. Also do not apply if you are simply “shopping around”.

We are NOT AT ALL interested in working with unmotivated, undisciplined and lazy people.

If you do not fit the bill, please DO NOT waste our time.

Serious clients ONLY please!

Section B

Subsequent consultations are subject to screening by MFBCS. For example, if you do not commit and dedicate to your training and nutrition without justifiable reasons and because of such factors as laziness and poor discipline etc., MFBCS will NOT be interested in working with you even at double the charges. We do not expect our clients to be 100% perfect but still demand a reasonable amount of commitment.

Section C - Medical Disclaimer

Exercises are not 100% safe and hence are not without its risks and any exercise may result in serious injury. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and NEVER over-exert yourself to the point of pain or exhaustion or use too much weight. Safety must always come first.

Undertaking and implementation of MFBCS' programmes are assumed at your own risk. Any user of MFBCS' exercise programs assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the said programmes. Please train safe and properly. Always employ good exercise technique.

Moreover, the instructions and advice given by MFBCS are in NO WAY intended as a substitution for medical counseling or to replace the advice or attention of health-care professionals. Please consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, supplements or exercise program if you have any doubts about your health status and for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries and for advice regarding medications. MFBCS DOES NOT intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Every care is taken to assure the accuracy of the information, advice and instructions given by MFBCS but no responsibility can be accepted for the consequences of actions based on the information, advice and instructions given by MFBCS.

MFBCS and its employees DISCLAIM any injury and / or liability from or in connection with programmes, exercises, information and advice given by MFBCS.

Section D - Results Disclaimer

MFBCS makes every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our services and products and their potential for muscle building, strength gaining and fat loss. Muscle and strength gaining and fat loss results produced by MFBCS and its clients are estimates of what MFBCS believes a client can possibly produce. There is NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER that you will obtain the same results and you accept the fact that muscle building, strength gaining and fat loss results vary from individual to individual.

As with any bodybuilding / fitness programme, your results may VARY and will be dependent on and not limited to your genetics, body type, regular stress levels, existing medical conditions / illnesses, current level of strength and conditioning, previous experience and / or abuse of your body in terms of wrong training and lifestyle habits, environment, individual capacity, ability to take action, level of hard work, motivation and focus, level of sacrifice, discipline, dedication, attitude and level of desire, passion and “heart” etc.

There is NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER regarding the level of success you may achieve. The testimonials and examples used are those of exceptional results, which DO NOT APPLY to the typical client and are NOT intended to represent or guarantee that anyone / everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Hence, as stated above, each client’s success depends on and not limited to their background, commitment, desire, motivation and rest of the factors cited earlier.

There is NO ASSURANCE WHATSOEVER that examples of past muscle building, strength gaining and fat loss results can be duplicated in the future. MFBCS CANNOT AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE your future results and / or success. NOR DO WE GUARANTEE that you can maintain the results you accomplished WHETHER OR NOT you continue following MFBCS’ programmes and / or advice. MFBCS is NOT responsible for your actions.

The use of MFBCS’ information, advice, instructions, services and products should be based on YOUR OWN due diligence and you agree that MFBCS is NOT liable for any success or failure of your physique that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of MFBCS’ information, advice, instructions, services and products.

Section E - Payments

All payments for consultations and programmes are to be made strictly in cash. Cheques and credit cards are NOT acceptable. 75% of the payment has to be paid on the day of the consultation. The remaining 25% has to be paid before the program is given. (Note that the program will only be given upon receipt of the remaining 25% of the payment.)

If these terms and conditions and disclaimers scared you off from taking action and enlisting our help and expertise, then MFBCS’ information, products and services are definitely not for you. However, if these terms and conditions and disclaimers motivated you to step up to the plate and give our real-world solutions an honest and hard try, congratulations and MFBCS eagerly looks forward to working with you.

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