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Please note that ALL of the services listed (except Fat Loss & Diets) are offered in Sri Lanka by MFBCS & MFBCS ONLY and NOT by any other individual, gym/fitness centre and/or institute. PERIOD. There is NO bodybuilding EVEN but just ‘muscle building’ (inferior substitute) by the handful of personal trainers & so-called personal trainers. Only the so-called ‘Fat Loss & Diets’ are offered by these people and/or gym/fitness centres which too are generally ineffective and FAR FROM OPTIMAL.

MFBCS kindly and respectfully request you to NOT FALL VICTIM to fraudsters and impostors and their phoney and fake programs that imitate MFBCS’ Services and Its Service Names.

Furthermore, please also note that except for a few personal trainers & so-called personal trainers, there are NO Bodybuilding & Nutritional Consultants and/or Underground Bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning Coaches in Sri Lanka other than MFBCS. 

MFBCS is the pioneer in this industry in Sri Lanka.

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting are only available in a handful of gyms* which are generally out of Colombo and are typically not accessible to the majority of people. Please note that we mentioned “gyms” above (*) which are completely different from “fitness centres” which are usually accessible to the general public. These gyms are usually accessible only to the competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes. Basically all the fitness centres will only offer “muscle building” which is by far an inferior system to real bodybuilding even if you just want to build some muscle.

Powerlifting is not available to the general public unless someone joins a powerlifting club/gym which can hardly be found in Sri Lanka. 

Diets, Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

Most, if not all, individuals, gyms/fitness centres and/or institutes usually offer “Weight Loss” which is again extremely inferior to “Fat Loss” and is a totally different and dangerous concept. The same could be said about diets which are either simply aimed at “Weight Loss” and not “Fat Loss” and are typically dangerous and ineffective or both.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is only available to certain competitive athletes by a handful of coaches and this is again not available to the general public.

Rehab & Specialised Training for the Injured

These services are only available through medical professionals and certain coaches. These services through coaches are only available to their selected competitive athletes and are again not available to the public through any personal trainer and/or gym/fitness centre.

The following services are 100% unique to MFBCS and are not available through anyone or any institute in Sri Lanka:

Power Bodybuilding

Transformations & Mini Transformations

Boot Camp

Online Coaching

Advice on Home Gym / Fitness Equipment Purchasing

If any individual and/or institute is proclaiming to be offering the above services, rest assured they are simply copying MFBCS but have no clue what they are talking about or doing. MFBCS kindly and respectfully urges you to NOT FALL PREY to these fraudsters and impostors and their phoney and fake programs and waste your hard-earned money and/or put yourself in danger.

Kindly note these are not exaggerations but facts.


Maybe Imitated But NEVER Duplicated.

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