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MFBCS Underground Boot Camp


MFBCS' unique Underground Boot Camp strategically and aggressively combines several disciplines of hardcore fitness such as, but not limited to, Strength & Conditioning, Circuit Training, CrossFit, Military & Underground Style Training along with Hardcore Cardio into very compact and productive training sessions done in a truly Underground and Hardcore fashion outdoors. MFBCS Underground Boot Camp is extremely challenging (even to very seasoned and fit athletes) and productive and yet fun at the same time.

Why You Should Join MFBCS' Unique Underground Boot Camp

MFBCS' signature Underground Boot Camp is painstakingly designed to address and improve the following aspects of fitness and more;

  1. Strength & Conditioning (Muscular, Cardiovascular & ESPECIALLY MENTAL);
  2. Endurance & Stamina (Muscular, Cardiovascular & ESPECIALLY MENTAL);
  3. Pure Mental Toughness;
  4. Aggressive Fat Loss;
  5. Muscle Mass & Definition;
  6. Muscular Coordination & Balance;
  7. Overall Athletic Performance;
  8. Carry-Over Effects to Other Athletic/Fitness Endeavours & Day-to-Day Activities (Physically & Mentally);
  9. Overall Health;
  10. Mind-Body-Spirit Synergy;
  11. Mental Focus;
  12. Energy Levels and Sleeping Patterns;
  13. Stress and Anger Management Ability;
  14. Training Plateau Busting Ability;
  15. Body Cleansing and Detoxification etc. +++

Special, Invaluable & Literally Priceless Reasons Why You Should Join MFBCS' Underground Boot Camp

MFBCS Underground Boot Camp is also a perfect place for you to vent your anger and frustrations through HARDCORE training. Also, this is the ideal place for you to forget all your problems and hustle and bustle of everyday life in a hardcore and manly/womanly manner. Rest assured MFBCS Underground Boot Camp will be the BEST time of your day. This is where hard work will meet play not to mention hardcore fun.

It's pretty noteworthy to mention that you will not be allowed to and able to accomplish these benefits in your typical fitness centre. At MFBCS’ hardcore Underground Boot Camp you are allowed to be yourself and be totally free (as long as you don't infringe on other people's happiness of course). So obviously at this Boot Camp you can scream, yell, grunt, swear and even cry as long as you don't give up and keep going.

Therefore, MFBCS Underground Boot Camp Is Especially Suited and Perfect for the Following People; Those;

  1. Stressed-out individuals needing to de-stress;
  2. With a lot of problems;
  3. With a lot of anger and hatred towards someone, themselves and at world at large;
  4. With a problematic spouse;
  5. Who have those idiotic, bullish, downright stupid, miserable bosses and can't do a damn thing about it etc.

SPECIAL NOTE: Obviously this is NOT a place for psychos, lunatics and those that lash out at everyone and can't get along with anyone. It's far from it.
This is for those who have these issues but want to vent that negative energy in a positive, constructive and legal manner. For example, you might want to break the neck of your psychotic boss and maybe you are even willing to do a little jail time for it. However, instead of all that negative and unlawful things, you can simply train your anger away while reaping so many other benefits.

What's more, after training at MFBCS Underground Boot Camp you will actually become much calmer and less aggressive and be able to handle these situations so much better. This is because you can vent a lot of anger and hatred through this kind of training and once you do it here, you will be much more calmer and patient when it comes to the rest of your life.

This is similar to a very skilled martial artist who could kick anyone’s butt and be deadly but will simply walk away from any fight and avoid these situations even under tremendous temptations simply because they know what they could do if they so wish and because they have so much confidence in their ability and thus so calm and non-aggressive.

Again please remember you cannot do this type of training or anything remotely close to it in the typical fitness centres. You will simply be not allowed to and kicked out if you do so.

Those Not Welcome To Join the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp

  1. This is NOT a place for RUDE people and those with BIG EGOS.
  2. This is not a place for pretty boys and girls and nor is this for ladies and gentleman. This is a place for real men and women.

And MFBCS Underground Boot Camp Is NOT For Those:

  • With "I'm a Corporate Executive" attitude and/or behaviour. These are the people who walk around the fitness centre like they’re in an office. Nerds and geeks too fall into this category. These people will do just fine at fancy, useless and sissy fitness centres and won’t be a good fit for a hardcore boot camp.

  • Afraid of real training and those afraid, disgusted and shy of sweating buckets or looking really hideous or scary when training.

  • Who dislike soreness and pain (Definitely NOT).

  • Sorry and pathetic idiots who think they need fancy, shiny and "latest" or "state-of-the-art, hi-tech equipment and/or a fitness centre" to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Sorry and pathetic retards who think real training is all about going to a "large fitness centre" that has "hi-tech equipment" and all other fancy and useless "facilities".

  • Who think they are too good to train in this type of an underground environment in a backyard.

  • Who go to "gym" which is actually a sissy fitness centre to network, socialise and/or meet friends and/or those from the opposite sex.

  • Utter good-for-nothing sissies who need to hang on to the phone to check and do stuff on utter freaking "social media".

  • Chatterboxes who always need to talk some crap with someone and whose minds are everywhere and on everything but on training.

  • Utter sissy jokers who always need to joke with someone about every freaking thing.

  • Who need a freaking "Sense of Humour".

  • Who need spoon-feeding and baby-sitting such as counting each and every rep and "motivation" where it is not needed in the first place such as "motivation" for each and every rep. If one does not have internal motivation to begin with, they have no business seeking external motivation.

In fact, if one or more of these points describe you, kindly get off this site ASAP as we don't want pathetic idiots in here. MFBCS is not a company for these idiots and we certainly don’t want your business. You should indeed stay off your fitness centre as well since you will do nothing but take up space and consume precious oxygen which deserves to be used by those who really train. By doing so, you would stop being a real nuisance and annoyance to everyone. Indeed, you would do fine just going for a walk or even staying at home and doing some household chores.


Crying (to give up), whining and complaining are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ABSOLUTELY NO cry-babies, weak, feeble, sorry and pathetic losers and lazy people.

MFBCS Underground Boot Camp is a place of SERIOUS WORK and therefore everyone has to come prepared to WORK and nothing else.

What You Can Expect From MFBCS' Unique Underground Boot Camp

  • The guidance, supervision, motivation, 100% personal and undivided attention and 15 years of hands-on experience of MFBCS' own and Sri Lanka's one & only Underground Bodybuilding, Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  • Extremely limited number of trainees for the group boot camp which ensures 100% personal attention. For more information about the group settings, please refer below.

  • An exceptional and true training experience and an exhilarating exercise-based thrill.

  • A great environment that will get you results and empower you not just physically but more importantly, mentally.

  • A 100% positive environment and an environment that you simply cannot get from anywhere else.

  • An atmosphere, culture and people who will inspire, motivate and push you beyond your physical and mental limits.

  • Great camaraderie. MFBCS and other participants of boot camp will not let you get behind.

  • Company of like-minded individuals who have been carefully screened and selected by MFBCS and those who have the same attitude, mind-set, crazy work ethic and goals etc. Rest assured, everyone on MFBCS Underground Boot Camp will be super determined and driven as you are.

  • Training that will make you stronger not just physically but stronger as a person. MFBCS Underground Boot Camp training will prepare you for life. Once you can handle our Boot Camp, everything else will be easier. Plus, you can expect to be successful in all other areas of life such as relationships, business and career etc.

  • A rare chance to find out what you are really made of. This Boot Camp will separate the men from the boys and woman from the girls. MFBCS Underground Boot Camp will allow oneself to truly discover themselves that is not possible through most other means.

At last but not least and obviously, programs that are truly professional and simply deliver great results. These programs are of international standards and 100% performance-based. At MFBCS, this is where tried and true old school methods meet new cutting-edge technology and science to bring the best scientifically proven and real-world tested programs. No fad programs here.

What You Require To Join the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp

The only thing required to join is that you have to be very and extremely fit and strong mentally. You need to be really tough. Even if you are not so tough, we will accept you as long as you are willing to make yourself tough and will allow us to make you tough.

Moreover, you need to possess a great will and desire to succeed and achieve your goals. This is very important. Loving hardcore training and challenges will be greatly helpful too. However, if you are downright weak and have a negative attitude towards training, you will NOT be accepted.


We will be more than happy to work with physically unfit clients and make them into beasts and machines within a relatively short period of time if they are willing to 'fight'. We want people with a passion, a desire and serious targets. It is not enough to be interested only. You should be committed to get what you want. Most of the people want and are interested in results but don't have the resolve to be committed to get those results. We will not work with these types of people.

What You Don’t Require To Join the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp

  • Previous experience in bodybuilding, fitness or any sport whatsoever.
  • Any significant physical strength or fitness.
  • A lot of time to train. Even the busiest people can get a killer workout in our MFBCS Underground Boot Camp in as little as 15 minutes.

Anyone at any fitness level can join the CAMP. We will custom make the program to suit any fitness and strength level and/or any injury or physical or health limitations.

Anyone, male or female, over the age of 14 can join the Boot Camp. No upper age limit.

Specificities of MFBCS Underground Boot Camp

Location: Backyard in Nugegoda

Time: 6.30 to 7.30 pm onwards, any day of the week. Exact time can be arranged according to your requirements.

Number of Days Per Week: 3 or 4 (Depending on your time availability and requirements).

Session Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes for the total session. (Total workout time can also be from as low as 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your time availability and requirements).

MFBCS Underground Boot Camp Options

  • Regular MFBCS Underground Boot Camp. Time period will be between 3 to 12 weeks. (3 weeks minimum).

  • Mini Transformations through MFBCS Underground Boot Camp (For more information, please refer Transformations and Mini Transformations).

  • Transformations through MFBCS Underground Boot Camp (For more information, please refer Transformations and Mini Transformations).

All the above program options come under two general options.

  1. Individual
  2. Group

A maximum of 10 people will be there in a group. Unlike typical boot camps (in other countries), we will not have 30 to 50 + people. This ensures maximum personal attention and supervision. We are trying our best to keep the Camp really compact and restrict trainees to about 5. Moreover, we will not have more than 10 under any circumstances.


Please remember this is an Extremely Hardcore and Underground Boot Camp and thus do not expect any of the following:

  • Fancy Equipment
  • Fancy Facilities

Rules and Regulations

For more information about rules and expectations, please refer Those Not Welcome To Join the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp above. Please note the rules are not limited to these expectations.

Phones are strictly NOT allowed during the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp.

MFBCS has the right and the sole authority to expel at any time and/or, not accept for future programmes those who don't fit into this culture and/or break any of these rules and/or expectations.

These rules will be strictly enforced since MFBCS will not let any lazy and stupid idiot ruin the culture of these programmes, ultimately reducing the quality and productive atmosphere of the MFBCS Underground Boot Camp which eventually affect everyone.

If you are expelled, you will not be refunded any money and/or the remaining amount and you will never be able to enlist in any of our services in the future.

NO APOLOGIES. End of story. Period.

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