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Who We Are

MFBCS was founded in 2003 and we have been rendering our services to athletes / clients ranging mainly from bodybuilding all the way to house-wives and everyone in between such as athletes from a multitude of sports.

MFBCS is the first and only such service provider in Sri Lanka. Moreover, we are proud to announce that this site is again and obviously the first and only bodybuilding / fitness consultancy service-based website in Sri Lanka.

About the Founder & Chief Bodybuilding & Nutritional Consultant

The Chief Bodybuilding & Nutritional Consultant is Nipun Liyanage. Nipun is also Sri Lanka's one and only underground bodybuilding and strength & conditioning coach. He has been bodybuilding non-competitively (not competing in bodybuilding competitions) for more than 17 years now. He is a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder and as of now is also supplement-free which is a rare occurrence considering the fact that he has been training for such a long time.

He has extensive experience in helping athletes / clients from different backgrounds and bringing out their best. His relentless pursuit of knowledge has resulted in him having the best strategies for different people. He learns from the best in the industry and is tirelessly spending many hours a week still, educating himself. His commitment to perfecting his craft has resulted in his clients getting the best and same knowledge available to the elite international athletes.

Moreover, even though he is a true Ectomorph (very hard to gain muscle) and extremely weak genetically (He can hardly bench press 135 Lbs for 6 after a 2/3 month layoff), he has tirelessly worked to become a very strong non-competitive athlete who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any gifted and genetically superior athlete who is natural or otherwise and is having the support of powerful supplements.

Nipun has transformed himself from a mere 100 Lbs of bodyweight to 210 Lbs (45 to 95 kg) at his peak (so far and in off-season mode) through the years which is a gain of about 110 Lbs (50 kg). This is an extremely rare feat among natural trainees anywhere in the world, let alone in Sri Lanka and among those who are supplement-free, if there are actually many.

Furthermore, he has achieved these accomplishments, as stated above, without the use of anabolic drugs and supplements and with very poor genetics which are not really suited for muscle and strength building. What’s more, he has accomplished these feats without even following a strict bodybuilding / bulking diet (which can be pretty expensive, especially in Sri Lanka and is more suitable for a competitive bodybuilder). He attributes his success to shear hard work plus having and applying the correct and scientific knowledge.

His combination of extensive practical experience and the vast knowledge of advanced bodybuilding principles is virtually unmatched in Sri Lanka and directly translates into better results for his clients which they can hardly get from anyone or anywhere else in Sri Lanka.
Nipun is also Sri Lanka’s first and only bodybuilding / fitness writer / blogger and the sole contributor to, the first and only fitness central in Sri Lanka.

In addition to being a consultant, he also runs his own proofreading and copywriting business. Nipun also holds the following academic and professional qualifications:

• B.A. (Hons) in HRM – Coventry University (UK).

• International Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (Equivalent to the Third Year of Honours Degree) – NCC Education (UK) & IA (Singapore).

• Advanced Diploma in Business and Information Technology (Equivalent to the Third Year of Honours Degree) – UCLES (UK) & IA (Singapore).

• Diploma in Financial Management (Professional Diploma) – Wigan & Leigh College (UK).

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